Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, processes and hours of operation are subject to change without prior notice. While we make every attempt to minimize disruptions, please review the relevant website(s) immediately before coming to campus to access any service.

Please check for service outage notifications before travelling to campus. All customers must use the QLess system to arrange their visit. Walk ups are not permitted.

Visit the Campus Card Office

The Campus Card Office uses a line management and appointment booking system (QLess). You MUST use this system to join our virtual line the same day (only while we are open). The system will automatically close the line if it will take until closing to help all customers.

Visit us with QLess

Hours of Operation

Report a Problem with QLess

When it’s your turn

  1. Receive a text notification.
  2. Head to the 4th floor University Centreremember your mask!
  3. Check in!

Text Commands

Reply any time to communicate with us while you wait in line!

  • H Request help
  • M Request more time
  • S Check your status
  • L Leave the line
  • C Cancel your appointment
  • N# Request your estimated wait time
  • J Re-join the line if you accidentally left or arrived late