1. Online Deposit System
  2. Full Service On Campus Deposit Locations
  3. Payroll Deduction
  4. Cash-2-Card

There are a variety of different accounts into which money can be added onto your Campus Card and for information on which account is best for you, visit our plans page.

Online Deposit System

Students, parents, staff and faculty alike can add funds to a Campus Card using our Online Deposit System! The deposit system is available 24/7 and accepts MasterCard, VISA and debit from most major Canadian banks as payment methods and transactions typically take five minutes to process. Use your Airmile or Aeroplan enabled credit card and collect miles when depositing!

*A full listing of accepted Interac financial institutions can be found at the Interac website.

Full Service On Campus Deposit Locations

There are currently 3 offices on campus where you can add funds to your Campus Card:

  • Campus Card Office, 407 Nideyinàn.
  • Residence Desk, Teraanga Commons Building
  • The Print Shop, 102 Robertson Hall

Simply bring your card and payment (debit or credit), and they will add the funds to your card!

Payroll Deduction

Do you work at Carleton? If so, you can take advantage of our payroll deduction system! Each pay period, an amount you set will be deducted from your paycheque and automatically deposited onto your Campus Card, saving you from having to manually deposit funds. You can change or cancel the amount transferred at any time.

To use the system, log in to Carleton Central and select:

  1. Employee Services
  2. Benefits and Deductions
  3. CampusCard-Payroll Deduction-Deposit system


  • What Coins and Bills are accepted?
    • Loonies and Toonies ONLY.
    • $5/$10/$20 Bills ONLY.
    • All other forms of cash are not compatible with the Cash-2-Card machines.
  • Instructions for Depositing Funds on Your Campus Card
    • Step 1) Insert and remove your card in the “RED” slot.
    • Step 2) Deposit bills and/or coins ($1/$2/$5/$10/$20 ONLY).
    • Step 3) Press the “D” button on the keypad when you are done inserting your funds.
    • Step 4) Optional: Press “C” button on keypad to print the receipt.
      • Please note – It is best practice to have a copy of the receipt in the event of a Deposit Error.

Campus Card Office, 407 Nideyinàn (formerly University Centre)
Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5B6