Uh oh! You don’t know where your card is, and want to make sure it’s not being used for nefarious purposes?

There are a number of steps to take if you have lost your card:

  1. Deactivate your card: You can report your card as missing 24/7 via the Campus Card Web Card Centre. The Web Card Centre is mobile friendly, so be sure to bookmark it on your smartphone! Deactivating your card will protect all money and meal plans on your account from being used by anyone who finds it, as well as prevent them from withdrawing books from the library in your name.
  2. Search for your card: In many cases, the person’s card is simply in their wallet or room. Be sure to look everywhere.
  3. You found your card! If you do find your card, you can reactivate it 24/7 via  the Campus Card Web Card Centre or by visiting the Campus Card Office in person.
  4. You didn’t find your card :( To obtain a new card, go to the campus Card Office during regular office hours. At least one piece of government issued photo identification is required. Please note that a replacement card costs $19.00, taxes included.

Please note that only your most recent Campus Card can be reactivated. If you find a previous version of your Campus Card, it cannot be reactivated and should be destroyed.