1. Event Booking – Requirements
  2. Booking Options
    1. Option 1: Book (a) table(s)
    2. Option 2: Book full sections
  3. Important Information

Event Booking – Requirements

Please be advised – your event may require approval from Risk Management before the Campus Card Office can approve the Galleria booking. In addition, Risk Management approval does not guarantee you the use of the Galleria Space.

The Risk Management process is not managed by the Campus Card Office. We advise that groups start their booking at least one month in advance if Risk Management approval is required. It is the group’s responsibility to comply with the Risk Management process, and an event may not proceed without successful approval being granted via the above form. For more information on the Risk Management Process, please review the FAQ section below.

Submit bookings to the Campus Card Office at least 14 business days in advance to guarantee consideration. Where further correspondence is necessary for clarification or request adjustments, this process will be delayed.

Use Make a Request below to request space in the University Galleria.

By booking space, you agree to adhere to the regulations in the University Galleria Space Booking Policy as well as all other university policies.

Booking Options

A NOISE LIMIT is in effect at all hours. If the noise limit is exceeded, the decibel reader next to the Campus Card Office will light up red.

4th floor UC: Galleria floor plan

Option 1: Book (a) table(s)

  • Campus Card books tables 9-14 as indicated on the map above (yellow).
    • Tables are 6 feet long
    • Tables are available during our normal operating hours only, although you may book the space without access to our tables after hours.

Option 2: Book full sections

  • Campus Card books Sections B and C (together) as indicated on the map above. This area includes access to 6 tables during our normal operating hours.
  • Events will be asked for a floor plan when applicable. Fire exits must be clear at all times – please see the above map.
  • Section E requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Campus Card Office.

Important Information

The following FAQs are applicable during normal operations.

Note: no reservation request can be processed unless the ‘terms and conditions’ checkbox located on the at the bottom of the form is checked. Bookings more than 18 months in the future will not be considered.

See Risk Management FAQ for more information.

 Questions? Contact info@carleton.ca