Thirty three years ago today, September 30th 1965, marked the beginning of the anticommunist massacre in Indonesia — a bloodbath considered to be one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century. In a singular official version of the event propagated by the Indonesian government, the day marked the “day of betrayal” by the Indonesian Communist Party. The party, according the official history, was responsible for the murder of six generals, and, thus, was a traitorous force that needed to be completely exterminated at all levels of society.

Aligned with ALiGN’s mission, “engaging with and challenging dominant narratives, creating alternative narratives, and carving spaces of hope and resistance”, in “Facing Up to the Truth About What Really Happened in 1965” Merlyna Lim offers an alternative history on this historical event by bringing the readers back to her past and retelling the story through the lens of a child growing up in Indonesia.

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