CHEM Matters is hiring!

The CHEM Matters program is a week-long preparatory course that’s designed to reinforce chemistry fundamentals for students coming into CHEM 1001.

We’re looking to hire two Peer Study Group Leaders (PSGLs) that will produce supplementary study and practice material for CHEM Matters students and will then follow them through CHEM 1001 as mentors.

What is CHEM Matters?

CHEM Matters (CM) is a non-mandatory preparatory course designed to reinforce chemistry fundamentals for students coming into first year (CHEM 1001) in the Faculty of Science. This program has run twice so far, in Summer 2019 and Summer 2020, and is scheduled to occur again in December 2020. The topics covered include basic chemical reactions, moles, units and dimensional analysis, neutralization reactions, and the ideal gas law. CM Summer 2020 was run with pre-recorded lectures on CuLearn, live tutorials, demonstrations, and worksheet corrections that were performed via Zoom; CM December 2020 will follow the same format.

What is a peer study group leader?

As a peer study group leader (PSGL), you’ll be creating supplementary study and practice material for CM students. While the instructor will prepare and deliver all lectures, tutorials, and worksheets, PSGLs will prepare extra material for CM students to practice what they’re learning. This could include extra worksheets, question sets, readings, or activities that are related to CM topics and will help CM students hone their skills. PSGLs will work with the CM instructor (Sydney Buttera) to prepare this material before the December 2020 CM session. In the Winter 2021 term, PSGLs will connect with CM students throughout the term to monitor their progress and be a support for these new first-year students.


Requirements for PSGLs include being registered in a Faculty of Science undergraduate program and having completed CHEM 1001/1002 with a grade of B or higher. PSGLs will be paid at a rate of $15/hour for approximately 40 hours of work throughout the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 terms.

Please see the attached form if you’re interested in applying! All applications must be submitted to the CHEM Matters instructor Sydney Buttera ( by 5 pm on October 23rd.


The application form can be found here.