The Honours Research Project is a key component of the fourth year of the program and provides the opportunity to do original research in all areas of Chemistry. Students in the Chemistry Honours program can choose between taking either CHEM 4907 or CHEM 4908. Students in the Honours program in Nanoscience or the Nanotechnology concentration in Chemistry must take CHEM 4908.

CHEM 4907 [1.0 credit] Honours Essay and Research Proposal
An independent research study using library resources. The candidate will prepare a critical review of a topic approved by a faculty advisor.
Precludes additional credit for CHEM 4908, FOOD 4907 and FOOD 4908. Prerequisite(s): fourth year standing in an Honours Chemistry program and permission of the department.

CHEM 4908 [1.0 credit] Research Project and Seminar
Senior students in Honours Chemistry carry out a research project under the direction of one of the members of the Department. A written report and an oral presentation of the work are required before a grade can be assigned. Precludes additional credit for CHEM 4907, FOOD 4907 and FOOD 4908. Prerequisite(s): any two of CHEM 3106, CHEM 3107, CHEM 3205, CHEM 3305 and CHEM 3504. Laboratory and associated work equivalent to at least eight hours a week for two terms.

How To Get Started On A Fourth-Year Honours Project:

  1. Chemistry Honours students should contact professors after December of their third year unless a professor indicates a specific date. Please refer to the following website for a list of faculty members and their associated research.
  2. Students are expected to provide an unofficial transcript to their potential supervisor, thus confirming their eligibility for an honour’s project. Prerequisites are indicated above.
  3. Once an agreement has been made between you and a supervisor, please email letting us know who your supervisor is. You will need departmental permission to be able to register in CHEM 4907 or CHEM 4908.

Chemistry Bachelor of Science General students and Chemistry Minor students are not eligible to do an honours research project.

If you have any questions about the fourth-year Honours project, please contact Dr. David Brock at: