Photo of Amanda  Sakyi

Amanda Sakyi

Current Degree Program

Carleton University – M.Sc. Chemistry and Environmental Toxicology


Research supervisor: Amy Rand

Field: Toxicology

My research is focused around discovering if oxidative stress is caused by styrene (monomer to polystyrene) in the humanized version of the model organism C.elegans. A lot of the research I do crosses over throughout biochemistry, microbiology, and biology. I’m usually in the lab 4-5 days per week depending on what work needs to be done. Unfortunately, due to COVID, I have not had an opportunity to attend a conference in person but have attended many virtual seminars.

Teaching & Outreach

The time commitment to TA depends on the course. I TA first year General Chemistry, which involves more teaching of the fundamentals and can range anywhere from 8 hours in the lab and 5-10 hours per week of marking. For outreach, I love to volunteer for the Chemistry Magic Show.


I’ve lived in Ottawa all my life, it’s a safe, but busy city! There’s lots to discover if you’ve never been here and many stable jobs and housing opportunities for those who stay for a long time. It’s perfect for people who love the big city feeling but still need a nice balance of places to hike or explore. Transportation in Ottawa is usually quick and clean, especially with the LRT. In the city I like to explore restaurants with friends and family, and I find people are so friendly compared to many other cities. Carleton has a great gym and pool, and many other fitness centres around the city, some even available to women only. For my undergrad I lived with family, and now in my Masters I was able to purchase a townhome. Many students live in an apartment alone or with roommates, and many undergraduate students choose to stay in Residence.