Photo of Eden Goodwin

Eden Goodwin

Current Degree Program

Carleton University – Ph.D. Chemistry


Research supervisor: Seán Barry

Field: Materials science

My project focuses on the modification, etch, and growth of gold films for use in microelectronic applications. I primarily analyze surface chemistry using an in-situ quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) and quadrupole mass spectrometer (QMS). I am currently collaborating with research groups from two other Canadian universities, and one international university.I commit around 40-60 hours a week towards research in all its forms (running experiments, writing abstracts, making presentations, interpreting data, etc.) Our group attends a minimum of one international conference per year (the last few years have been online). Historically I have attended ALD/ALE conferences, though others in our group do go to CSC in addition to occasionally participating in local conferences (like OCCI).

Teaching & Outreach

I put in around 10 hours a week into teaching/marking, TAing upper year inorganic courses (CHEM3505/3504) for the past three years, and helped redesign the lab for online learning. I also have the privilege of teaching first year chemistry this summer. Once a term I participate in the department activities (judging posters, science fairs, etc.)


Ottawa is a relatively small and quiet city. There are a lot of nice bars, restaurants, and parks that are worth checking out. Housing in Ottawa is all right compared to other cities, though if you don’t have a car you have to be careful to check bus routes before moving anywhere. I’m an Ottawa local, so most of my spare time is spent with friends I’ve known for a while. Our lab tries to go out for beers semi frequently, though covid has put a wrench into this. I supplement my stipends with loans and scholarships. Fortunately, in an industry focused field, my scholarship and stipend are comfortable. Most of my peers share apartments during the beginning of their Ph.D. but then move on to sharing an apartment with a partner or alone by themselves after a year or two in.