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The Ottawa-Carleton Chemistry Institute (established in 1981) is a joint program of graduate studies and research in chemistry for Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. The Institute combines the research strengths and resources of the Departments of Chemistry at both universities. Some of the shared research facilities include:

  • a major mass spectrometry centre,
  • an X-ray spectrometer,
  • several modern NMR spectrometers,
  • a pico-second laser facility,
  • an ultratrace analysis laboratory, and
  • an electrochemical research centre.

In addition, the resources of many federal departments are available to our graduate students, including the National Research Council and its library, the National Science Library (CISTI), Health Canada, Environment Canada, Natural Resources Canada, and Agriculture Canada. The Institute offers the Master of Science (MSc) and PhD degrees in all areas of chemistry, including:

  • biochemistry,
  • analytical chemistry,
  • inorganic chemistry,
  • organic chemistry,
  • physical chemistry, and
  • theoretical chemistry.

Approximately 30 new graduate students are admitted annually to either the master’s or doctoral program. The Institute has nearly 40 faculty, each with their own research group. Students will be enrolled at the campus where an appropriate research supervisor is located. Several graduate students also conduct their research off campus under the supervision of one of the Institute’s adjunct professors. For more information about Joint Institutes, please visit our Joint Institute website.

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