The University of Minho in Portugal invites applications from teaching and non-teaching staff at partner universities to conduct a short (5-day) mobility period as part of the UMove(ME) project, under the Erasmus+ Program.  The project has an opening for one faculty member (teaching staff) and one non-teaching staff between UMinho and Canada. Applications from faculty members must include at least 8 hours of teaching (as part of a course or guest lecture/seminar on recent research) and staff members apply for training (job shadowing, training courses, exchange of best practices, etc.). Funding from the Erasmus+ program covers travel expenses and a 5-day stay in Portugal. Applications must be submitted online by January 7, 2022.

Please visit the UMove(ME) website for more information on this call.


Carleton faculty members from any discipline or department.  Staff members at Carleton from any unit, with permission of supervisor.

Funding available

A stay allowance for 5 days (approximately 160 Euros per day) and travel expenses (amount depends on distance).


January 7, 2022.

How to Apply

Teaching and nonTeaching Staff from Partner Universities who wish to carry out a mobility period at
under UMOVE(ME) must submit their application online, here

Please read the UMove(ME) Guidelines for this call before applying for full details on the program and application requirements.


Internal Contact

If you have any questions about this call or the Erasmus+ program, please contact Sylvie Jasen, International Projects Coordinator.