Partner with Carleton

Carleton International (CI) manages and facilitates cooperation between Carleton University’s research faculty that engage with international funders. We identify researchers that have an interest in working internationally and we also identify research funding opportunities internationally for these faculty to compete for.

CI can help facilitate the pre-award processes:

  • Providing guidance to researchers on funders’ eligibility requirements
  • Support for leveraging their existing research and resources to match funder’s partnership needs
  • Facilitating interactions with project consortia and teams.
  • Provide documentation of compliance to meet funders requirements, eg our non-profit status, incorporation number, SAM, DUNS, PIC or FWA numbers

Process: reviews of contracts and agreements:

  • Receives all incoming grants, contracts and awards for institutional review
  • Undertakes due diligence and negotiations required for institutional signatures
  • Liaises with offices such as risk, privacy, legal and finance for inputs

CI can help by developing:

  • Sub-agreements, sub-awards and or consultancy arrangements for internationally funded research projects partners.
  • Project-specific consortium or partnership agreements to facilitate understanding of project requirements and intellectual property arrangements.

CI matchmaking:

  • CI can assist in identifying suitable research partners for international collaborators and funders

Several internationally active research faculty and their projects highlight Carleton University’s strategic themes:

  • Accessibility
  • Sustainability
  • Health & Wellness
  • Technology for Good
  • New Economy
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Shaping our world & universe