IRSG Final Report Submission

  • 1. Principal Investigator, Project and Partnership Information

  • 2. Grant Objectives and Outcomes

  • Please list all grants, indicating for each: - Status (anticipated, submitted or awarded); - Date (of submission or notice of decision, ex. Sept 12, 2023); - Agency and Program (eg. SSRCH Insight Grant) - Title of Project - Amount (Requested/Awarded)
    StatusDateAgency and ProgramTitleAmount 
  • Please list all publications, indicating for each: - Status (anticipated, submitted or accepted); - Type (peer-reviewed or non peer-reviewed); - Format (journal article, book, chapter in edited collection, conference publication, report, etc.); - Full citation information including (expected) publication date.
    StatusTypeFormatFull Citation 
  • 3. Feedback

  • Please let us know if and how this grant helped your research project or provide any comments on the application process. We appreciate your suggestions and feedback.