Policy Project REDEEM Western Sahara

Project R.E.D.E.E.M., or Repatriation and Demilitarization Established in Morocco, is a track II, inclusive, and locally-based project with an initial 5-year timeframe and the possibility of renewal. The project will endeavour to improve the stability of Western Sahara through mediation sessions and youth economic empowerment initiatives with both short-term outcomes and long-term impacts. The initial mediation session will attempt to secure an agreement between various primary stakeholders that would allow for the successful repatriation of Sahrawi refugees from Algeria into Western Sahara over 10 years and a renewed commitment to upholding the ceasefire, specifically around the road near Guerguerat. Empowering the youth in Western Sahara will not only allow repatriated refugees to gain the skills needed to begin sustaining themselves but allow the region to develop economically as a whole and lead to improved indicators regarding the economic, demographic, and conflict-related conditions of the region