Gang violence, fueled by corrupt and elite oligarchs has exacerbated the already declining
human development situation in Haiti with a great deal of Haitians now experiencing alarming levels
of food insecurity. Additionally, as gang violence expands from the occupied capital of Port-au-Prince
into neighbouring areas like Cité Soleil, many youths with no other viable opportunities are being
recruited and exploited by gang forces. The Haitian Intervention Program for Youth (H.I.P.Y) is a
project aimed to work with local NGOs within the Cité Soleil neighbourhood to strengthen food
security with gardening knowledge and skills production. This program will also create a youth
soccer league, aimed to deter youth away from the violence that surrounds them, and instead
provide safe and community-oriented environments. This project proposal will begin by addressing
the logistical description of the project, including stakeholders and project timeline, then will provide
a pre-project risk assessment before highlighting the monitoring process and concluding with a
summary of how the post-project impact will be measured. In collaboration with GAC and local
NGOs, this project hopes to address food insecurity while also providing opportunities for
disaffected youth amid a complex and dangerous conflict.

Haitian Intervention Program for Youth – HIPY