We are seeking two highly qualified candidates to support a Mitacs-funded research project in collaboration with Telesat starting in January 2021.

This project seeks to use model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approaches to develop an architecture and design framework to support the traceability of compliance requirements to the architecture design of the operations segment of Telesat’s LEO system. The general objective of the project is to design a standardized architecture design framework for the operations segment of low-earth orbit satellite constellations supporting traceability and compliance-by-design for cybersecurity standards. This will involve identifying the set of security requirements from relevant standards, designing and specifying a security compliance-by-design architecture framework and design methodology for a LEO satellite operations segment, and developing traceability support for demonstrating security compliance among LEO operations segment architecture components.

One position is available as a Postdoctoral Fellowship and one position is available at the Doctoral level.

See the list of Available Positions for more information!