October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month in Canada. Throughout October, members of the CyberSEA Research lab have been sharing their cybersecurity tips. Check them out below.

Xinrui Zhang

A tip from Xinrui Zhang:

Learn about Phishing scams – be very suspicious of emails, phone calls, texts and flyers. Clicking a malicious link, or opening an attachment may infect your systems with malware. Be careful and stay away from them!

James Baak

A tip from James Baak:

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on insecure public networks to protect your private data from potential eavesdroppers and access parts of the internet from other countries. They are relatively cheap and easy to setup/use on any device!

Bohdana Sereda

A tip from Bohdana Sereda:

Make smart decisions when choosing appliances for your smart home to minimize risks of exposing your personal data. Read about the security features of your future devices and be aware of what information you are willing to share with third parties.

Luke Newton

A tip from Luke Newton:

Keep your software up-to-date – besides adding new features, updates to your operating system and applications often contain fixes and security upgrades to keep your information safe.

Gieorgi Zakurdaev

A tip from Gieorgi Zakurdaev:

Cybersecurity is only effective when everyone makes an effort. Experts must be approachable and share their knowledge in an accessible way. Users must be proactive in seeking expert advice, asking questions, and ensuring they understand the issues.

Alvi Jawad

A tip from Alvi Jawad:

Know your cyber enemies! Our natural human inclinations are used on a daily basis to trick millions of people around us, revealing sensitive information. Start today by learning a bit about Social Engineering here.