We are looking for volunteers for a study on smart home devices security. This study aims to understand if end users of smart home devices will benefit from having an assistive tool that can help them follow security-related recommendations. Participants will receive a $10 Tim Horton’s gift card.

This study involves two surveys and a contextual interview where you will be asked to use a prototype tool developed by the researcher while the researcher observes the process that will take place either online or in person if it safe to do so. To participate in the study, you will need to agree to be audio- and video-recorded. Once the recording has been transcribed and verified, the audio- and video-recordings will be destroyed. Survey data will be stored and protected by Microsoft in the United States, but may be disclosed via a court order or data breach.

To be eligible, you must be 18 years or older, speak English, and have one or more smart home devices (for the purpose of this study, smartphones are excluded).

The study should take approximately one hour to complete.

If you are interested, please email Bohdana Sereda at bohdanasereda@cmail.carleton.ca for more details on participating.

This research has been cleared by Carleton University Research Ethics Board B Clearance # 117253.

Should you have any ethical concerns with the study, please contact the REB Chair, Carleton University Research Ethics Board-B (by phone: 613-520-2600 ext. 4085 or by email: ethics@carleton.ca). During Covid, the Research Ethics Staff are working from home without access to their Carleton phone extensions.  Accordingly, until staff return to campus, please contact them by email. For all other questions about the study, please contact the researcher.