This past week Carleton celebrated the achievements of the Class of 2024 at its 161st Convocation. This convocation marks an especially meaningful milestone as we cheered on the first graduates of the Data Science, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (DSAAI) program.

Launched in Fall 2022 as an extension of the popular Collaborative Specialization in Data Science (CUIDS), the DSAAI master’s and Ph.D. programs have quickly become the most sought-after graduate programs at Carleton. Offered jointly by the School of Computer Science, the School of Mathematics & Statistics, the School of Information Technology, and the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, DSAAI harnesses expertise from a variety of disciplines.

This year’s convocation is not only an important milestone for our graduates but also serves to acknowledge the years of dedication and hard work from the faculty and staff who tirelessly worked to launch and deliver this program.

Looking ahead, DSAAI is gearing up to introduce a master’s level co-op option and a new bachelor’s degree program in Data Science. These initiatives will help equip more students with the skills needed to thrive in today’s data-driven world, addressing the growing demand for expertise in this rapidly expanding field.