Workplace – Specific Hazard Awareness training modules provide supervisors and workers with a description of the specific hazard, cover relevant legislation, standards and guidelines.

Training modules also include a description of how to prepare an action plan in your workplace to identify, assess, and control hazards. These hazards include:

  • Biological Hazards
  • Chemical Hazards
  • Compressed Gas Hazards
  • Confined Space Hazards
  • Cryogenic Liquid Hazards
  • Energy Hazards
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Ergonomic Hazards
  • Fire and Explosion Hazards
  • Machine Guarding Hazards
  • Noise Hazards
  • Physical Hazards
  • Slips and Falls Hazards
  • Working at Heights Hazards

Who should attend?

Supervisors, workers, and Joint Health and Safety Committee members.