Photo of Dana Garlock

Dana Garlock

Teacher, Peel District School Board

Degrees:B.A.'03 (Carleton), B.Ed (Toronto), M.Ed candidate (Toronto)

B.A. English & Psychology ’03

Upon graduation from Carleton University, my desire to inspire others’ love of learning and literature sent me in pursuit of my Bachelor of Education at the University of Toronto. Since 2004 I have been learning and teaching in the Peel District School Board. The first 10 years of my career was spent teaching high school English to all grades and academic levels and the last few have been spent teaching all subjects in a contained behavioural program that works with “hard to serve youth”.

I continue to seek further education to develop as an educator and person. Aside from the numerous leadership initiatives I am involved in at work, I am also working through my Master of Education in Developmental Psychology at the University of Toronto.

The most exciting part about the career path I’ve chosen is that no two days are alike. I am constantly excited by and inspired by the challenges adolescents present me with and am in eternal pursuit of ways to motivate and connect with struggling learners. The next steps for me in my career include developing and implementing a student mentorship program in my school and exploring options at the administrative level.