Photo of Aaron Mills

Aaron Mills

Degrees:B.A., J.D. (Toronto), LLM (Yale)

B.A. Honours English and Philosophy, 2005

I’m a non-practising lawyer (JD Toronto, LLM Yale) and doctoral candidate at UVic, studying under James Tully and John Borrows. My graduate work on Anishinaabe constitutionalism has earned a SSHRC Talent Award, a Trudeau Foundation Scholarship, a Vanier Canada Scholarship and a Fulbright Canada Scholarship.

The craft of writing and the ability to read both critically and analytically have been vital to achieving these recognitions and are essential in my daily work, whether I’m reviewing a paper, sharing a story ​ in public​, developing a lecture, arguing on a panel, or drafting a funding proposal.  I have much gratitude for Carleton​.  My years there were invaluable ​in develop​ing ​the thinking, writing, and reading skills that make success in these activities possible.  ​

Aaron recently returned to Ottawa to receive the prestigious SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) Talent Award. To find out more, click here.