Photo of Morgan Rooney

Morgan Rooney

Degrees:B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Ottawa)

B.A. English ’02, M.A. English ’03

I currently work in higher education in two different capacities. In my full-time job with Carleton’s Educational Development Centre, I provide programming and consulations to help instructors and teaching assistants in their roles as teachers. As a part-time instructor with the English departments at both institutions in Ottawa, I teach upper-year courses in my area of specialty (British literature of the ‘long’ eighteenth century) as well as introductory-level surveys and writing-intensive courses. While I continue to publish on subjects related to the literature of the ‘long’ eighteenth century, my full-time work means that my research is also expanding into the field of education.

My degrees in English prepared me in a variety of ways for the kinds of work that I currently do. While my education has of course prepared me to teach English courses, the skills I developed have also served me in my role at the EDC. The research projects that were staples of my undergraduate and graduate education gave me the time-management and researching skills that I use every day, for instance, and the writing skills that my programs fostered are something that I use every hour of the working day. I have found that English majors stand out in the work place for their writing in particular: once your colleagues see how strong of a writer you are, they will come to you for all things writing related–and that is value-added to any team.