Over the 2018-2019 academic year, Carleton University embarked on a review of its Sexual Violence Policy. In the course of this review, a number of excellent proposals to prevent sexual violence on campus came forward from the community. As part of the policy review process, Carleton University made a commitment to capture these actionable tactics to reduce sexual violence on campus as a separate document, referred to as the Campus Prevention Strategy for Sexual Violence throughout the policy consultations.

The proposed document (working title: Honouring Each Other: Building consent cultures on campus) is a reflection of the ideas we received throughout the policy review process, including input from key campus stakeholders (including student unions, labour unions, administration departments, and individual community members) as well as part of a process undertaken by the Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Committee (SVPEC), the task force established to address sexual violence on campus. Honouring Each Other: Building consent cultures on campus is intended to provide a three-year map of activities that every single member of Carleton’s campus can engage in, initiate in their own part of the community, or contribute to, in order to play their part in making this a safer campus for everyone.

The objectives and strategies that are proposed in the document are rooted in grassroots, collective community feedback, and based on a timeline of approximately three years. In this sense, Honouring Each Other will support Carleton’s community as a “living document,” subject to continuous review and updating in order to meet with the best practices and current culture surrounding prevention and education of sexual violence, as well as supporting survivors of sexual violence.

In order to create this document in the most collaborative way possible, the Department of Equity and Inclusive Communities (EIC) and in consultation with the Office of the Vice President (Students and Enrolment) (OVPSE), have established the following work plan to map our community consultation process for Honouring Each Other. We are seeking feedback on the strategy tactics, the timelines, and requesting more ideas from the community. To submit feedback and ideas to the Campus Strategy, please fill out the questionnaire below.

We believe that every member of Carleton’s community has expertise that will contribute strongly to this document. We hope that you will participate by identifying the action areas where you can play a role, and by contributing suggestions for action. The only way to end sexual violence on campus is by working together, and we hope you’ll join us in this pursuit.

Please click here (PDF, 278 KB) to view the entire document in PDF format.

Survey Questionnaire

  • Strategic Overview: 3 Year Map

  • Taking Action

    In this section, please consider how you would like to take action in ending sexual violence on campus.
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