A Message from the President

At Carleton University we place the highest priority on maintaining a welcoming, respectful, positive environment and culture free from discrimination and harassment and safe for all members of our community. Behaviors, such as sexual assault, harassment and discrimination are simply not acceptable.

At Carleton University specific educational programs and outreach, counselling services, a Sexual Assault Centre where peers work in consultation with professional staff, as well as supporting policies have been developed with great thought, professional advice and input from students, staff and faculty members.

Roseann O’Reilly Runte

Our Services

Our services are free, confidential, and available to all students, staff and faculty at Carleton.

Carleton’s Sexual Assault Support Services are located in 503 Robertson Hall. Our sexual assault support services include:

  • Counselling;
  • Safety planning;
  • Peer Support Volunteers are available in the Centre (503 Robertson Hall) from September through April.
    Please note that peer support hours will not be available during July and August however Equity Services staff and Health and Counselling Services are available during regular office hours.
  • Information on sexual violence [click here];
  • Public education and training on sexual harassment and sexual assault;
  • Volunteer opportunities for students as peer educators and peer support workers;
  • Supporting documentation for academic accommodation;
  • Referrals to other services both on and off campus [click here].
  • Enhanced Assess Acknowledge Act (EAAA) Education Program is a sexual assault resistance education program.  It is 12 hours, small-group, empirically based intervention designed specifcally for 1st year university women.
  • The Consent Courier Newsletter – Summer 2016 – Upcoming Events Click Here

If you require more information or are interested in volunteering please call 613-520-5622 or e-mail

Twitter: @CUSASC

Word Play for Change (#WP4Change)

During May 2015 for Sexual Violence Awareness Month, the Sexual Assault Network (SAN) in collaboration with Vanessa Rotondo (“V”), embarked on a creative online adventure.  This was the beginning of Word Play for Change (#WP4Change), which asked our social media communities to define what sexual violence is, the impact it has and how we have the power to eliminate sexual violence. “V” gathered all of the responses and with the support of the Department of Equity Services/Sexual Assault Support Centre at Carleton, was able to record this piece of advocacy art.  Enjoy the moment, and let it empower you to be the change we want to see in our community.

Sexual Assault Services PSA

Click here to view more Sexual Assault PSA videos.