The Planning Process

The Strategic Integrated Plan (SIP) sets the context for all other planning at Carleton. It provides a high-level framework for long-term decision making across the institution and defines a vision and a high-level set of goals for the university. In Finance and Administration we use the organizational excellence scorecard tool to carry out our strategic planning process. The organizational excellence scorecard is an approach to performance measurement in both financial and non-financial areas. It then takes those measurements and produces a quick overview of how the organization is doing. Our Organizational Excellence Scorecard contains measures associated with an overall strategic objective, and for each objective a number of initiatives.

Finance and Administration Strategic Objectives and Initiatives for 2020-2021

Below are the objectives and initiatives for the division in 2020-2021 as outlined in our 2020-2021 Organizational Excellence Scorecard. There are Key Performance Indicators associated with our objectives.

Our Customers

Objective 1: Provide quality and responsive service.

  • Initiatives: Review Service Excellence Standards annually and the impact on our customers. Redefine service delivery models in the post-COVID 19 environment.

Objective 2: Provide a safe, healthy and respectful campus community.

  • Initiatives: Maintain collaborations with departments, and undertake a table-top exercise to test the university business continuity and emergency management planning.

Stewardship of Resources

Objective 1: Provide effective stewardship of university resources.

  • Initiatives: Continue to monitor financial results on a continuous basis for university/division. Invest in process improvements and systems integration.

Objective 2: Manage risks that affect the university.

  • Initiatives: Complete space management study and plan. Ensure buildings are “pandemic ready” to provide a safe and productive return-to-work environment. Implement Tri-Councils principle-based account verification. Modernize the university’s IT and Information Security Program. Deliver capital projects on time and budget including the Nicol Building, the Engineering Student Design Centre, building modernization projects and implementation of the Transportation Plan.

Objective 3: Promote environmental sustainability at the university.

  • Initiatives: Adopt Carleton’s Sustainability Plan and identify specific initiatives, including energy reduction activities. Implement various projects associated with the university’s Transportation and Parking strategies.

The Way We Work

Objective 1: Create effective strategic, operational and governance planning to support the SIP and Finance and Administration initiatives.

  • Initiatives: Prepare for Excellence, Innovation and Wellness Platinum level certification. Each department to have consistent and inclusive planning process established that aligns with the Carleton University Planning Framework and the SIP, The Next Chapter. Lead the development of a university-wide digital strategy.

Objective 2: Continuously improve our processes and services in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Initiatives: Ensure that building are redesigned to ensure safe occupancy as directed by the Public Health Authorities. Develop flexible work practice policies and support. Invest in IT network and equipment to support distance-learning goals. Continue work on systems integration and process improvement initiatives. Develop new Process Management Framework.

Our Employees

Objective 1: Provide a healthy, respectful workplace and supportive environment.

  • Initiatives: Work toward achieving Healthy Workplace – Order of Excellence and apply for Mental Health at Work Platinum level certification.

Objective 2: Build an engaged workforce

  • Initiatives: Develop a Human Resources Strategy. Evaluate employee survey tools. Launch the Identifying and Fostering Talent initiative. Develop and implement new Employee Development Framework. Achieve Top 100 Employer in Canada.

Past Strategic Measures and Initiatives