The Planning Process

The Strategic Integrated Plan sets the context for all other planning at Carleton.  It provides a high-level framework for long-term decision making across the institution and defines a vision and a high-level set of goals.  It also provides the context for yearly priorities to be set by the President.  These yearly priorities drive annual planning and budgeting decisions at the Faculty and administrative support unit levels. In Finance and Administration we use the organizational excellence scorecard tool to carry out our strategic planning process.  The organizational excellence scorecard is an approach to performance measurement in both financial and non-financial areas.  It then takes those measurements and produces a quick overview of how the organization is doing. Our Organizational Excellence Scorecard contains measures associated with an overall strategic objective, and for each objective a number of initiatives.

Finance and Administration Strategic Objectives and Initiatives for 2017-2018

Below are the objectives and initiatives for the division in 2017-2018 as outlined in our 2017-2018 Organizational Excellence Scorecard. There are Key Performance Indicators associated with our objectives.

Our Customers

Objective 1: Provide quality and responsive service.

  • Initiatives: Share and discuss with departments/units feedback received from customer groups, review Service Excellence standards and their impact, and focus on the Voice of the Customer.

Objective 2: Provide a safe, healthy and respectful campus community.

  • Initiatives: Increase awareness and participation in initiatives that support a safe and respectful campus community, including Healthy Workplace, Environmental Health and Safety and Mental Health. Conduct a campus-wide security audit/threat – risk analysis/EHS audit. Continue to engage the campus community in emergency preparedness.

Stewardship of Resources

Objective 1: Provide effective stewardship of university resources.

  • Initiatives: Continue to monitor financial results on a continuous basis for university/division, and take appropriate action to meet the Board of Governors directive on debt reduction, investigate new models for resource allocation, and investigate new sources of external revenue. Redesign annual budget report. Communicate changes and new initiatives with campus.

Objective 2: Manage risks that affect the university.

  • Initiatives: Perform annual risk assessment and identify divisions risks and monitor actions.

Objective 3: Promote environmental sustainability at the university.

  • Initiatives: Lead operational sustainability initiatives. Monitor energy and water consumption and other resources.

The Way We Work

Objective 1: Create effective strategic, operational and governance planning to support the SIP and Finance and Administration initiatives.

  • Initiatives: Achieve Excellence, Innovation and Wellness (EIW) Gold Level certification and prepare for Platinum Level certification. Each Finance and Administration department to have a consistent and inclusive planning process that supports the university’s planning cycle.

Objective 2: Continuously improve our processes and services in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Initiatives: Deliver a consistent methodology to document key processes and procedures. Conduct continuous improvement projects (Benchmarking, Lean Process Review and large system projects). Increase IT support for the research community, create centralized research software management and increase IT security posture to protect the university. Facilitate the development of a Learning Space Strategic Plan and explore the opportunities for Finance and Administration to enhance experiential (working integrated) learning.

Our Employees

Objective 1: Provide a healthy, respectful workplace and supportive environment.

  • Initiatives: Achieve Healthy Workplace Platinum Level certification and Silver Level certification in the Mental Health at Work standard. Develop an integrated healthy Workplace Strategic Plan for 2017-2019.

Objective 2: Build an engaged workforce

  • Initiatives: Pilot succession planning within the Finance and Administration division. Introduce Coaching at Carleton and revise the Learning and Professional Development Strategy. Celebrate the 5th anniversary of Carleton Leader and review its impact and future development. Review recognition both formally and informally.

Objective 3: Build a positive, collaborative work environment for all employees.

  • Continue to enhance performance management effectiveness.

Past Strategic Measures and Initiatives