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Finance and Administration Strategic Plan 2023-2028

We are pleased to present the Finance and Administration Strategic Plan 2023-2028. Developed over several months, the plan reflects input from more than 200 staff from within our portfolio, as well as a group of key campus stakeholders.

Our strategic plan aligns with Carleton University’s Strategic Integrated Plan (SIP) in Our Commitments and Pathways Forward. Our Commitments are to: Partner with Stakeholders, Enable Our People, Pursue Excellence in the Everyday and Embed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Principles. We are excited about the road ahead.

Aspiration Statement

We aspire to co-create an environment where teaching, learning, research and community engagement thrive. We take a solutions-focused approach in partnership with our stakeholders. At the centre of our success are our people and our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles.

Carleton campus from the Rideau River

Our Responsibilities

Finance and Administration units oversee Carleton University’s physical, financial technological and human resources. Our section is comprised of eight departments that offer diverse services to our campus community in support of the academic mission and the university’s goals.

Campus Safety Services

Supports personal safety, protection of property and parking services to meet the needs of the campus community and our visitors.

Facilities Management and Planning

Develops and maintains all building assets providing for the functionality, comfort, safety, sustainability and efficiency of the built environment.

Financial Services

Provides the university community with the tools and guidance necessary for management of their financial resources.

Human Resources

Provides integrated, innovative people-centred services that foster the recruitment, retention and development of an engaged, healthy and effective workplace.

Information Technology Services

Provides enterprise IT solutions and services to support the learning, teaching, research and administrative goals of the university.

Office of Quality Initiatives

Provides leadership on continuous improvement initiatives that enable positive change and innovation.

Office of Risk Management

Provides a holistic approach to managing risk at the university.

Pension Fund Management

Provides effective management of the Carleton University Retirement Fund and endowment.

Our Values

Our Values reflect what we believe in. They are at the heart of how we approach our daily work and leadership

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We believe in working together to ensure planning and decisions are collaborative, timely and transparent.

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We believe that continuous improvement happens by challenging the status quo, resulting in learning and growth.

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We believe in a safe, healthy work culture where diversity and equity are valued.

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Service Excellence

We believe in meeting our stakeholders’ needs through responsive, reliable and respectful service.

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We believe in practices that ensure the sustainability of our resources for future generations.

Our Commitments and Pathways Forward

People Focused

Partner with Stakeholders

  • Create forums for information exchange to enhance understanding
  • Provide resources to support integrated planning and the success of our stakeholders
  • Model transparency in our process and decisions
  • Create structured ways to invite and respond to feedback

Enable Our People

  • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), indigenous initiatives and accessibility in our teams.
  • Support mental health, well-being and work-life balance.
  • Foster individual growth through experiential learning, and professional and leadership development opportunities.

Excellence Driven

Pursue Excellence in the Everyday

  • Model a solutions-focused approach in collaboration with our stakeholders.
  • Promote a digital mindset by leveraging tools and technology.
  • Communicate and report on our service standards to promote accountability and improvement.
  • Cultivate a culture of continuous learning and improvement that facilitates innovation and growth.

Embed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Principles

  • Environmental: pursure sustainability goals (environmental, financial and technological), including the effective use of physical spaces.
  • Social: promote an inclusive culture through implementation of initiatives in the EDI Action Plan, Kinàmàgawin, the Coordinated Accessibility Strategy and the Healthy Workplace Strategy.
  • Governance: review governance structures and implement policies to align with ESG leading practices.

Follow Our Journey

The commitments we have embraced and the pathways we have identified will shape our planning process going forward. As part of that planning process, we will review our progress and provide annual updates to the campus community. Our journey with our campus partners continues and the future promises to be exciting. We welcome your feedback along the way so that we can continuously improve and learn from each other. We welcome your ideas and innovative approaches to our challenges. You can always reach us by email.