Our Journey to Excellence

Our journey to excellence began in 2009 with Excellence Canada’s Healthy Workplace certification (a university-wide initiative).  We have since been awarded Levels 1 and 2 of the four part certification. In July 2015, we submitted our Level 3 application and in September 2015, Excellence Canada verifiers confirmed we were successful in our Gold Level application.

Finance and Administration continued to partner with Excellence Canada in pursuit the Quality Framework certification and received Level 1 in May 2011.

In 2012, Excellence Canada introduced a new certification: Excellence, Innovation and Wellness.  Taking a broader scope than the Quality Framework, this new certification demonstrated a clear alignment with our needs and desires to take a people-centric focus.  It provided a progressive road map for us to truly become an excellent organization.

Recognizing the value of this standard as a means of continuous improvement, in November 2012 we began our pursuit of the Excellence, Innovation and Wellness (EIW) certification and in June 2014 were awarded Bronze Level.  We submitted our application for Silver Level in July 2015 and in September, Excellence Canada confirmed we were successful in achieving the Silver Level standard in EIW.

Our journey continues and in May 2017, we applied for and were successful in achieving Gold Level certification in EIW. Carleton University is proud to be the first university to be awarded with Excellence Canada’s certifications of excellence.

The Excellence, Innovation, and Wellness Standard

There are four levels of the Excellence, Innovation and Wellness standard: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.  The standard revolves around six key drivers.  In this way, Excellence Canada provides not only a definition of what constitutes an ‘excellent’ organization, but a staged ‘road map’ that identifies what we need to have in place before moving onto the next stage. The six drivers are:

  1. Strategy and Planning
  2. Process and Project Management 
  3. Customer Experience
  4. Partners and Suppliers
  5. People Engagement
  6. Leadership and Governance

These drivers form a formal, comprehensive approach to continuous improvement.  And the good news is that we have strengths in ALL of these drivers today.

Your Organizational Excellence Support Team

Duncan Watt is our Excellence Sponsor. The Excellence Leader and chair of the Excellence Working Group is Ed Kane.  The Excellence Co-ordinator is Cindy Taylor.

News on Carleton’s Journey to Excellence