Carleton’s Excellence Canada Journey

Excellence Canada

Excellence Canada (formerly known as the National Quality Institute) is a non-profit Canadian organization that offers a comprehensive and practical four step certification process to help organizations implement and maintain a healthy workplace. For more information on Excellence Canada, please click here.logo_excellence-canada

Healthy Workplace Progressive Excellence Program (PEP)

The Excellence Canada Progressive Excellence Program (PEP) is a four-level implementation model for the Framework for Organizational Excellence that helps organizations across Canada nurture a healthy workplace focus. The framework is a comprehensive and practical road map for improvement.

Carleton currently holds Gold Level Healthy Workplace certification (university-wide), Bronze Level Mental Health at Work certification (university-wide) and Silver Level Excellence, Innovation & Wellness certification (for Finance & Administration division).

The 5 Guiding Principles for all four levels of Excellence Canada’s Healthy Workplace Criteria:

  • An integrated management approach
  • A primary focus on needs
  • Recognition that health is determined by many interdependent factors
  • Employer and employee joint responsibility
  • Assessment, evaluation and continual improvement

Each level is progressive in scope and requires a demonstration of a progressive and broader commitment to a healthy workplace. The four levels include:

Bronze Level – Commitment

As of spring 2011, Carleton is the first Canadian university to achieve Bronze Level certification in Healthy Workplace. In order to do this, the university had to achieve the following:

  • A commitment to employee health in the university’s strategic plan
  • The creation of the Healthy Workplace Policy
  • The commitment by the leadership team to a healthy workplace:
    • The university hired the Healthy Workplace Co-ordinator in March 2009 and, within eight months, allocated additional financial resources for a co-operative education student opportunity with the Healthy Workplace initiative
    • The university invited employees to serve on the Healthy Workplace Committee in March 2009
    • President and Vice-Chancellor Roseann O’Reilly Runte announced the Chair of the Healthy Workplace Committee in April 2009
    • The university established the Healthy Workplace Champions model in May 2009 and encouraged employees to volunteer as workplace wellness ambassadors within their departments
    • The President and Assistant Vice-President (University Services) co-signed the welcome message for the Healthy Workplace website
  • The provision of access to workplace health programs

Silver Level – Planning

Carleton submitted its Silver Level application at the end of February 2014 and received Level 2 certification in June 2014. In order to do this, the university had to achieve the following:

  • The quantification of current state of health and productivity measures
  • An assessment to evaluate employee needs, using data from the following sources:
    • Linda Duxbury’s National Employed Caregiver study
    • Carleton’s Organizational Health Risk Assessments, provided by Great-West Life*
    • Carleton’s Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) annual reports*
    • Healthy Workplace program participation data, evaluations and feedback
    • Healthy Workplace results from the Carleton Customer Satisfaction Survey
    • *Note: For the Great-West Life and EFAP reports, only summary information is provided to maintain strict employee privacy.
  • The creation of the Healthy Workplace Plan, with goals based on current evaluation and needs assessment
  • The provision of Healthy Workplace programs that respond to varying preferences, that are based on the needs assessment and analysis, and that span the continuum of care
  • The reflection of the Healthy Workplace initiative in Carleton’s Strategic Integrated Plan, the Finance and Administration Balanced Scorecard, and Human Resources Policies

Gold Level – Implementation

Carleton submitted its Gold Level application in July 2015 and received certification in October 2015!

Platinum Level – Sustainability

Carleton submitted its Platinum Level application in April 2017.

Mental Health at Work Certification

In August 2015, Carleton applied for Bronze Level Mental Health at Work certification, and successfully achieved the certification in October 2015!

Carleton submitted its Silver Level application in April 2017.

Excellence, Innovation and Wellness Certification

In addition to pursuing Excellence Canada’s Healthy Workplace certification, Carleton’s Finance and Administration division has achieved PEP Level 2 certification in the Excellence, Innovation and Wellness category.

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