Carleton’s Excellence Journey

Excellence Canada

Excellence Canada (formerly known as the National Quality Institute) is an independent, not-for-profit Canadian organization that is dedicated to advancing organizational performance across Canada. Excellence Canada developed and maintains the Healthy Workplace®, Mental Health at Work® and Excellence, Innovation, and Wellness® standards. Each standard includes a four-level implementation model. Each level is progressive in scope, and ranges from Bronze Level to Platinum Level.

Our Journey So Far

Carleton currently holds Platinum Level Healthy Workplace® certification (university-wide), Silver Level Mental Health at Work® certification (university-wide) and Gold Level Excellence, Innovation & Wellness® certification (for the Finance & Administration division).


Certification Description Carleton University has achieved
Healthy Workplace®  This progressive set of requirements provide a system for the development, implementation and sustainability of a healthy workplace environment. Built on a solid foundation, the Excellence Canada Healthy Workplace® criteria provide a holistic, success-focused approach that helps individuals and organizations develop tangible goals for achieving continuous improvement and excellence in workplace wellness issues. Platinum Level in June 2017.
Carleton has achieved excellent overall results (and positive trends) from its efforts to sustain a healthy workplace environment, including a sound systematic approach to the management and sustainability of a healthy workplace environment. Continuous improvement of the focus on employee wellness and well-being is a way of life at Carleton.
Mental Health at Work® This progressive set of requirements is a proven methodology for implementing the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. Mental Health at Work® allows you to focus resources and initiatives to achieve a dramatic improvement in prevention of illness, reduction of lost time, and higher engagement of employees. Silver Level in June 2017.
Carleton is building on the commitment and foundation established in the Bronze Level. A solid methodology is in place across the organization, and the organization is in transition from a focus on “reacting” to issues to a more “proactive” approach.
Excellence, Innovation, and Wellness® This integrated management Standard enables planning with a holistic approach that respects the intricate relationships existing in every organization between strategic goals, business drivers, business units, and people, regardless of size or industry. Demonstrates Carleton’s focus on continual improvement to employees, customers, suppliers, your board, and other stakeholders. Gold Level in June 2017
(for Finance & Administrative division)
There is a division-wide implementation of the strategic focus on excellence, innovation and wellness through the understanding and application of the Standard. Positive results are being achieved across all departments within the division.

Carleton University accepting platinum level Healthy Workplace certification and award at the 2017 Excellence Summit

Carleton University celebrating platinum level Healthy Workplace, silver level Mental Health at Work and gold level Excellence, Innovation & Wellness (F&A division) awards at the 2017 Excellence Summit