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Campus Community Resources

Athletics & Recreation

Carleton Athletics offers a variety of programs and facilities for Carleton students, faculty and staff

Campus Safety Services

Campus Safety Services recognizes our shared responsibility to maintain order while affording dignity and respect to every individual. Their objective is to improve the quality of life through a community partnership which promotes a safe and secure campus.

Carleton University Strategic Integrative Plan (SIP)

Inspired by the unique triangular shape of the beautiful Carleton campus, the new Strategic Integrated Plan outlines three strategic directions:

The SIP lays out an ambitious vision for the future, fully anchored in Carleton’s strengths and student-centric, community-engaged values.

Centre for Indigenous Support and Community Engagement

At the Centre for Indigenous Support and Community Engagement, we support students, staff and faculty at Carleton by providing culturally safe spaces for dialogue and learning. We do this by nurturing a sense of belonging for Indigenous students and by developing and delivering resources and training to educate the Carleton community about the experiences, histories and worldviews of Indigenous peoples.

Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health and Safety provides consultation and support services to the university community on matters relating to environmental and occupational health and safety. The services provided are broad ranging, and include monitoring compliance to legislative requirements and developing health and safety related policies, programs, and procedures.

Equity and Inclusive Communities

The Department of Equity and Inclusive Communities fosters the development of an inclusive and transformational university culture where individual distinctiveness and a sense of belonging for every member drive excellence in research, teaching, learning and working at Carleton.

Health & Counselling Services

Health and Counselling Services (HCS) is a multidisciplinary healthcare facility that provides medical services and counselling services to Carleton University students, faculty and staff (if they do not have a family doctor in the community, as our doctors will not be paid if they are rostered under another physician). They may also see the walk-in doctor for episodic care.

Professional Services employees, faculty, contract instructors, and continuing employees have a dedicated physician and may use this service as their regular family doctor (if they do not have a family doctor in the community, as our doctors will not be paid if they are rostered under another physician). They may also see the walk-in doctor for episodic care.

Learning & Professional Development

Learning and Professional Development at Carleton is dedicated to providing opportunities for Carleton University employees to enhance individual skills and abilities, meet professional goals and continue career development.

Mental Health & Well-being Research and Training Hub (MeWeRTH)

The Mental Health and Well-being Research and Training Hub (MeWeRTH) is composed of researchers, students, and community partners with a shared interest in mental health, well-being, and resilience. MeWeRTH is a virtual space housed within the Department of PsychologyFaculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Carleton University.

Service Excellence

Whether you interact primarily with students, faculty, staff or external partners, your commitment to serve the community in which you work is one of the most valuable assets you bring to Carleton University every day. Service Excellence offers a unique opportunity for you to get involved and shape your work environment in a positive way.

Student Wellness

There are many resources available on campus for students to improve their health and well-being. University success is achieved by not only maintaining good study habits and attending class, but also by taking care of yourself. There are many resources and services on campus and in the community to help you better understand, manage and improve your mental health and wellness throughout your degree and beyond.

Sustainability Carleton

A whole-university approach to sustainability. Carleton University has a strong commitment to embedding continuous environmental and sustainable improvement into our operations. We continue to seek new and innovative ways to demonstrate our sustainability leadership in research, teaching, learning, and operations. This commitment allows us to reduce our collective impact while ensuring that both existing and future generations of students, staff, and faculty continue to enjoy our unique campus.

Therapy Dog Program

The Carleton University Therapy Dog Program is our in-house Therapy Dog Program, designed to bring positive (or as we say, paws-itive) mental health and wellness supports to our community. All of our dogs are handled by professional staff and faculty members at Carleton, and their Handlers work to create welcoming and supportive environments that can provide low intensity, yet effective coping strategies for mental health and wellness.

University Policies

The Web versions of the policies are provided for your information and convenience. The policies listed here are policies of general application to the University.