1. What is the goal of the Carleton Compass onboarding program?
  2. What is a Carleton Navigator?
  3. What does a Navigator do?
  4. What is the commitment to become a Navigator?
  5. I’m interested in becoming a Navigator – what now?

To help introduce new external hires to the broader campus and what it has to offer, the Office of Quality Initiatives and Healthy Workplace have created the Carleton Compass program, which recruits existing Carleton faculty and staff to act as “Carleton Navigators” for their colleagues who are new to the university. The Navigator serves as a new employee’s connection to the big-picture Carleton experience.

What is the goal of the Carleton Compass onboarding program?

The goal of the Carleton Compass onboarding program is to introduce new employees to our culture of community and inclusivity at Carleton as soon as they arrive. The Carleton Compass is a unique opportunity for new employees to meet someone outside of their own department, have an introduction to a built-in network, and to hear from a peer about the Carleton culture. The Navigators will introduce new employees to the culture of Carleton, and some of the more “fun” things our campus community has to offer. The Navigator’s perspective provides a customized “inside look” at Carleton and their favourite spots and “hidden gems” on campus. Building on the existing Healthy Workplace culture, the Carleton Compass will create a sense of inclusion and belonging in the new employee, as well as allow existing Carleton faculty and staff the chance to share their institutional knowledge and experience with others, further strengthening their Carleton pride.

The Carleton Compass program was the recipient of a 2021-2022 Service Excellence Award!

What is a Carleton Navigator?

Carleton Navigators (the Navigators) are faculty and staff volunteers who play an important role in welcoming new employees to the Carleton community. The Navigators are enthusiastic ambassadors of Carleton University who welcome and assist new colleagues in learning the Carleton culture in an informal setting, share information about Carleton’s facilities and resources, encourage their new co-workers to take advantage of services, and contribute to a sense of belonging. Navigators have an existing network of colleagues and/or and extensive knowledge of the campus so they can help the new employee feel connected to the broader campus and can answer questions. They will become a familiar face for the new employee and a resource they can turn to with questions.

What does a Navigator do?

Carleton Navigators play an important role in reaching out and engaging Carleton new faculty and staff during the onboarding process. Their ability to effectively communicate about the programs and resources available, to encourage them to take advantage of these services and to make them feel like a part of the Carleton community will be key to the success in improving the health and well-being of Carleton’s faculty and staff. Navigators will be provided with a digital “Toolkit” which will include all information they may wish to share with the new employee they are paired with. The Toolkit will outline what information they are required to share with the new employee, with the goal of creating some consistency across the experiences of new employees participating in this program.

Carleton Navigators can expect to:

  • Be paired up with a new employee (from outside of their department).
  • Send the new employee a warm welcome via email and an invitation to meet (either in person or virtual, depending on COVID-19 restrictions).
  • Meet with the new employee a minimum of one time, for one hour, to provide them with information and answer any questions they may have. This may include a campus tour, when possible and if desired.
  • Follow up with the new employee via email after initial meeting, to let them know they are available for any further questions.
  • Keep Healthy Workplace Officer informed of whether their assigned meetups take place, and to provide feedback on the overall Carleton Compass program.

What is the commitment to become a Navigator?

  • Manager’s support to participate in the program during work hours.
  • Minimum two-year commitment to the program, with option to renew.
  • Navigators can expect to meet with one new employee per year, with the option to meet with more (depending on preference and capacity), up to a maximum of three new employees per year.
  • Approximately two-hour time commitment, per new employee (including time spent sending emails, etc.).
  • One hour to participate in Orientation Session.
  • One hour per year to participate in Feedback Session.

I’m interested in becoming a Navigator – what now?

The Carleton Compass program is not currently accepting applications for new Navigators. If you’re interested in participating in the future, please email healthyworkplace@carleton.ca. Thank you!