Carleton Compass Navigators are faculty and staff volunteers who play an important role in welcoming new employees to the Carleton community.

Navigators are enthusiastic ambassadors of Carleton University who welcome and assist new colleagues in learning the Carleton culture in an informal setting, share information about Carleton’s facilities and resources, encourage their new co-workers to take advantage of services, and contribute to a sense of belonging. Navigators have an existing network of colleagues and extensive knowledge of the campus so they can help the new employee feel connected to the broader campus and can answer questions. They will become a familiar face for the new employee and a resource they can turn to with questions. 

As a Carleton Compass Navigator, here’s what you can expect: 

  •  Navigators are committing to being paired with a maximum of three new employees per year.
  • ‘Navigator-New Employee’ pairings will be facilitated by Healthy Workplace, with the goal of pairing each New Employee with a Navigator from outside their department. Healthy Workplace will be the initial liaison between the Navigator and New Employee through an introduction email.  
  • Once introduced, New Employees and Navigators will work together to find a time to connect.
  • Navigators are committing to at least one meet-up with each new employee. It’s encouraged that this meeting is one hour in length, during which Navigators will welcome the new employee, provide them with information and answer any questions they may have.
  • Touring the campus, both indoors and outdoors, is a great way to welcome New Employees to the community. 
  • Following the initial meet-up, Navigators will follow-up with the New Employee by email or by connecting via Microsoft Teams. Navigators should encourage their new colleague to reach out with any further questions, maintaining an open line of communication as they settle into their new role at Carleton.  
  • In order to provide the best possible experience for both New Employees and Navigators, Healthy Workplace will be collecting feedback following successful pairing. Navigators play an imperative role in ensuring that the Carleton Compass is bringing value to New Employees at Carleton. 

Are you interested in volunteering as a Carleton Compass Navigator? 

Please contact us by emailing