1. Who are we?
  2. The Healthy Workplace Committee
  3. Healthy Workplace Officer
  4. Healthy Workplace Champions

Who are we?

Healthy Workplace involves faculty and staff members from across Carleton, working together to promote positive health and well-being for all employees. 16 members from across the university serve on the Healthy Workplace Committee, including the two co-chairs, and over 90 individuals volunteer as Healthy Workplace Champions.

The Healthy Workplace Committee

The Healthy Workplace Committee is composed of a diverse cross-section of staff and faculty and is responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of the Healthy Workplace Strategic Plan. This includes overseeing Healthy Workplace activities and programs that encourage faculty and staff to champion positive physical and mental health, build meaningful social connections, foster personal and collective resilience, explore opportunities for personal growth, and enjoy work-life balance. The Committee also supports Carleton’s journey to excellence through the adoption and implementation of Excellence Canada’s Healthy Workplace and Mental Health at Work frameworks.

Committee Co-Chairs

Committee Members 

Healthy Workplace Officer

Healthy Workplace Champions

Healthy Workplace Champions are faculty and staff volunteers who play an important role in improving the health and well-being of the university’s employees. The Champions are enthusiastic ambassadors of the Healthy Workplace initiative who inform their colleagues about Carleton’s wellness programs and resources, encourage co-workers to take advantage of these services, and champion the creation of a healthy workplace culture in their unit. They are fully supported by the Healthy Workplace Committee in all of their endeavours.

Aleksandra Minic (Institute of Political Economy) 
Alicia Pool (Campus Safety, Parking, Awards Office) 
Alysha Cunningham (University Communications) 
Amal Elmi (Equity & Inclusive Communities) 
Anisha Shelani (Science Student Success Centre) 
Ashley Dawn-McKee (School of Public Policy & Administration – SPPA) 
Ashley Reid (Undergraduate Recruitment Office) 
Barbara Steele (University Secretariat) 
Blanka Vallillee (Housing & Residence Life Services) 
Cheryl Cohen (Co-op Office) 
Christina Noja (Quality Assurance) 
Claudia Buttera (Biology) 
Corrina Belok (Office of the Dean of Arts and Social Sciences) 
Dan Premachuk (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering) 
David Townsend (The Print Shop) 
Dawn Bjornson (Economics) 
Don Johnson (Mail Services) 
Etelle Bourassa (Psychology) 
Fiona Wright (Comparative Studied in Literature, Art & Culture, Carleton University Art Gallery)
Fran Craig (Campus Card Centre, Information Centre) 
Gloria Sanchez-Cuevas (School of Business) 
Grace Haime (Student Experience Office – SEO) 
Heather Martel (Department of Neuroscience) 
Heinz Dietel (Science and Technology Centre) 
Holly Klein-Swormink (School of Architecture)  
Jamie Carmichael (Scheduling and Examination Services) 
Jaymie Koroluk (OQI) 
Jenna Pepper (Industry and Partnership Services – IPS) 
Jennifer Poll (Systems & Computer Engineering) 
Julianna McAllister (Political Science) 
Karen Tucker (Geography, Environmental Studies) 
Karisa Vallee (Office of the Dean of Engineering) 
Kate Macdonnell (CU Events Support) 
Kerry Solomon (Office of the Board of Governors) 
Kimberly Seguin (Sociology, Anthropology) 
Kristin Allen (Earth Sciences) 
Krysia Kotarba (Journalism) 
Lakin Fletcher (Dagg) (OVPSE, Strategic Initiatives) 
Lana Keon (Feminist Institute of Social Transformation – FIST) 
Lauren Boivin & Marilla Bender & Caroline Karasiuk (Admissions) 
Lesley Samuel (Business Office) 
Leslie Malloch (Law and Legal Studies) 
Linda Cruz (Student & Guest Services, Conference Services) 
Lisa Meyer (School of Linguistics and Language Studies) 
Lynn Murphy (International Student Services Office – ISSO) 
Margaret Tannahill-Wade (Mathematics & Statistics) 
Maureen Jones (Paul Menton Centre – PMC) 
Meaghan Easter (Academic Advising Centre) 
Meghan Major (Healthy Workplace) 
Melanie Leblanc (Communication, Media Production & Design) 
Melissa Lett (Institute of Cognitive Science) 
Michelle Santoianni (Institute of Environmental and Interdisciplinary Science) 
Mireille Fournier (French) 
Moira McGrath (Faculty of Public Affairs – Events Coordinator) 
Nadine Smith (Front Desk, Head Athletic Therapist)  
Paul Bertrand – Bookstore 
Petra Watzlawik-Li (Centre for Initiatives in Education – CIE) 
Phillip Shivkumar/Eddie Villarta (ITS) 
Renee De Laire (Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs) 
Reynosa Sarmiento (Civil & Environmental Engineering) 
Ria Akaiwa (School of Information Technology) 
Rob Freitag (Carleton University Event Support – CUES) 
Robin Dunbar (Institute of Criminology & Criminal Justice) 
Robin Karuna (Human Resources – HR) 
Ruby Misra (Department of University Advancement) 
Sandra Cloutier (Health Sciences) 
Sandy Herbert (Deputy Provost) 
Sarah Anne Szabototh (Institute of Biochemistry) 
Sharmila Antonpillai (Computer Science) 
Sue Gilmour (Office of Institutional Research & Planning – OIRP) 
Tanya Rudd (Science Stores, College of Natural Sciences) 
Tasneem Ujjainwala (Music) 
Temi Guoti (Physics) 
Tina DiNardo (Financial Services)  
Tracey Wright (School of Linguistics & Language Studies) 
Wendy Hamm (Financial Aid) 
Yvonne Clevers (OVPRI and Carleton International, Office of AVP Research) 

Become a Healthy Workplace Champion

Are you enthusiastic about improving your health and well-being and encouraging people around you to do the same? Volunteer to be a Healthy Workplace Champion and help Carleton become the healthiest university and workplace in the country! Meet like-minded individuals, be the first to know about healthy workplace opportunities, share your passion for healthy living, and make a difference in the Carleton community. The anticipated time commitment is one to two hours per month for at least a one-year period.


  • Receive regular communications from the Healthy Workplace Committee and the Healthy Workplace and Communications Coordinator
  • Distribute flyers, posters, brochures and announcements on wellness programs to co-workers in their department
  • Reserve a “healthy minute” in theie regular staff meetings to pass along information about upcoming wellness events and programs
  • Encourage members of their department to participate in wellness programs
  • Create a healthy workplace space or bulletin board in their work area with wellness information that is distributed
  • Bring feedback and requests from co-workers to the Healthy Workplace Committee
  • Are an enthusiastic liaison to the Healthy Workplace Committee

Let us know you’re interested by completing the form below.

Healthy Workplace Champion Volunteer Form