Healthy Workplace Team

Healthy Workplace involves faculty and staff members from across Carleton, working together to promote positive health and well-being for all employees. 25 members from across the university serve on the Healthy Workplace Committee and over 90 individuals volunteer as Healthy Workplace Champions.

The Healthy Workplace Committee

The Healthy Workplace Committee is composed of a diverse cross-section of staff and faculty and is responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of the Healthy Workplace Strategic Plan. This includes overseeing Healthy Workplace activities and programs that encourage faculty and staff to champion positive physical and mental health, build meaningful social connections, foster personal and collective resilience, explore opportunities for personal growth, and enjoy work-life balance. The Committee also supports Carleton’s journey to excellence through the adoption and implementation of Excellence Canada’s Healthy Workplace and Mental Health at Work frameworks.

Committee Co-Chairs

Committee Members 

Healthy Workplace Champions

Healthy Workplace Champions are faculty and staff volunteers who play an important role in improving the health and well-being of the university’s employees. The Champions are enthusiastic ambassadors of the Healthy Workplace initiative who inform their colleagues about Carleton’s wellness programs and resources, encourage co-workers to take advantage of these services, and champion the creation of a healthy workplace culture in their unit. They are fully supported by the Healthy Workplace Committee in all of their endeavours.

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