The Excellence, Innovation and Wellness Standard provides a framework to ensure that we don’t just implement, but that we sustain our focus on organizational excellence.

journey to excellence infographic

Bronze – Achieved June 2014

Silver – Achieved September 2015

Gold – Achieved May 2017

Gold builds on the solid implementation of excellence, innovation and wellness established in Silver.  At this level, we are:

  • meetings and exceeding strategic goals
  • clearly moving from reactive to proactive approaches and practices
  • achieving positive results across all drivers


Platinum builds on the achievements and outcomes from the previous three levels with a focus on establishing sustainable practices.  At this level, we are:

  • achieving good to excellent results and positive trends from our efforts for overall improvements in excellence, innovation, and wellness
  • sustaining positive improvement in all areas
  • viewed as a leader within its sector regarding excellence, innovation and wellness in terms of knowledge sharing, industry and benchmark leadership and best practices