• Graduate courses in Women’s and Gender Studies in Fall 2018 and Winter 2019:
Course Course Title Instructor Term
WGST 5901 A / 4812 A Feminism and the Non-Human Graham, D. F
WGST 5901 B / 4812 B Sexuality, Race, Resistance F
WGST 5905 A Program Seminar Hari, A. F
WGST 5906 A Feminist Theory Graham, D. F
WGST 5902 A / 4812 A Advanced Topic: Sexual Violence on Campus W
WGST 5902 B / 4812 B Advanced Topic: Feminist Engagements with the Law  / Sexuality Controversies in Feminism and the Law Khan, U. W
WGST 5905 A Program Seminar Hari, A. W
WGST 5907 A Researching Women’s and Gender Issues Adeniyi Ogunyankin, G. W