Change of dates for HSS elections

As you may be aware, the Health Science society is running elections to be a part of the 2022-2023 HSS team. We have decided to alter the election timeline to allow more students an opportunity to submit their nominations.

The adjusted deadline for nomination forms to be submitted is now Sunday Sep 25 @ 11:59 PM. 

the campaigning period for successful applicants will now be held from Monday Sep 26 – Friday Sep 30, and voting will be held on Monday Oct 3 – Tuesday October 4 (via online ballots through student cmail accounts).

Available positions and number of spots to be filled are as follows;

  • Director of Internal Affairs (2)
  • Director of Academics (1)
  • Director of Events (2)
  • Director of Finance (1)
  • First-year representative (2)
  • Second-year representative (2)
  • Third-year representative (1)
  • Fourth-year representative (2)

Here is a link to the details and descriptions of the available positions: 

The nomination form is attached to this email and can be submitted to

We hope this extra time gives more students the chance to apply. We are very excited to welcome new students to the team and encourage you all to get involved!

Eligibility criteria for Applicants: 

Any undergraduate student in the Health Sciences Program at Carleton University. Must be enrolled in classes for all terms of the elected period (Fall 2022, winter 2023).

Eligibility criteria for voters:

Any undergraduate student in the Health Sciences program at Carleton University.

All inquiries regarding the electoral process and conduct should be referred to HSS elections officer Alicia Boxma at

Best of luck to all, we cannot wait for this upcoming school year!