HLTH 5506 Practicum Pathway (Field Research and Placement)
The practicum pathway allows students to gain experience by completing two 12-week practicums (a 12 week practicum is the equivalent of 420 hours i.e., equivalent of 35 hours per week for 12 weeks) or one 24-week practicum of 840 hours i.e., equivalent of 35 hours per week for 24 weeks) at an appropriate organization (e.g. public health unit, provincial or federal governmental agency or non-governmental organization). Thus, the practicum must be completed on a full-time basis over two terms of the program.

You will find a practicum that aligns with your interests and career goals and where you will apply your knowledge and skills in a professional setting. You will consult with the HSTP Coordinator and Graduate Administrator in your search for a practicum placement.

Course Description
• The practicum provides an opportunity for students to apply the theory and knowledge gained in coursework to new projects and experiences in professional settings
• Students must have a qualified practicum supervisor, and all projects must be approved by the HSTP Coordinator
• Students must successfully complete the fall and winter courses (HLTH 5100, HLTH 5150, HLTH 5201, HLTH 5300, HLTH 5350, HLTH 5402) prior to initiating a practicum placement
• Throughout the practicum, it is essential for students to reflect on and record their experiences and to engage in regular discussions with their practicum supervisor about their practicum progress

Practicum (Field Research and Placement) Objectives
The student and practicum supervisor will establish the practicum objectives. The objectives are negotiated prior to the initiation of the practicum. Generally, the student will:
• Enhance core Health: Science, Technology and Policy competencies
• Undertake work/projects that are relevant to the student’s objectives, areas of interest and supervisor’s needs and objectives
• Experience hands-on application of coursework through participation in work activities of partner health-focused organization