Master of Science in Health: Science, Technology and Policy

Required courses (4.0 credits):

  • 0.5 credit in HLTH 5100 Fundamentals of Research Methods
  • 0.5 credit in HLTH 5150 Statistics for Health Sciences
  • 0.5 credit in HLTH 5201 Fundamentals of Policy I: Policy Analysis
  • 0.5 credit in HLTH 5300 Knowledge Translation
  • 0.5 credit in HLTH 5350 New Health Technologies
  • 0.5 credit in HLTH 5401 Interdisciplinary Problems in Health
  • 1 credit in HLTH 5504 or HLTH 5505 (when available) Interdisciplinary Health Research Project

Elective courses (2.0 credits) from either of the following:

  • 0.5 credit HSTP selected topics courses focusing on areas of specific relevance to the health sector: Principles of Epidemiology; Fundamentals of Policy II: The Health Sector; Social and Behavioural Health; Environmental Health; Science of Disease; Engineering, Design and Computer Science in Health; and Directed Studies in HSTP.
  • 0.5 credit courses from the list of health-related courses offered by other programs. In order to take a graduate course offered by another program the student would be expected to have previously completed any required pre-requisite courses (e.g. in their undergraduate program).

The course sequence for the MSc program is as follows: 

Year 1 Fall term HLTH 5100, 5350, 5401
HLTH 5504 or HLTH 5505
Winter term HLTH 5150, 5201, 5300
HLTH 5504 or HLTH 5505
Summer term Recommended to take majority of electives
HLTH 5504 or HLTH 5505
Year 2 Fall term HLTH 5504 or HLTH 5505
Any remaining elective courses
Winter term HLTH 5504 or HLTH 5505
Any remaining elective courses

Please note, 5505 is offered only when suitable projects are available.

More information can be found in the Graduate Calendar.