Information for Undergraduate Thesis Students HLTH 4910

This information is to help address questions and concerns you may have regarding the beginning and/or finishing your thesis. (HLTH 4910)

Fall term registration starts at the beginning of July.  (see Registrar’s Office for details regarding your time-ticket)

The deadline to register in your thesis course is officially September 23rd, 2020.  However, to ensure that everyone is registered in all requirements to graduate we strongly encourage you to complete your registration as soon as possible (latest August 1, 2020).  Please submit an override request for HLTH 4910.

On-campus research

Due to COVID-19, undergraduate students are not permitted to do research at Carleton at this time (Summer 2020). Over the summer, we are expecting to gradually open the labs to research activities, first for staff and graduate students and then to undergraduate students. It is our hope that thesis students will be able to start their research (if required to be on campus) in the Fall semester. However, even if the University permits undergraduate students to resume research on campus, it is ultimately up to each supervisor to decide whether this will be possible for their group. Thesis students need to communicate with their individual supervisors about on-campus research resumption plans and if required discuss possible alternatives for the completion of their thesis.

Research off-campus

If your thesis work involves off-campus work, then your thesis supervisor will need to (or is in the process of) making arrangements for working off-campus.  Please speak to your supervisor directly on those matters.

If your thesis work involves work in laboratories or organizations outside of Carleton University, then your supervisor must make these arrangements (including approval from Carleton). Please speak to your supervisor directly on those matters. If your primary supervisor is external to Carleton, it is your responsibility to contact them and find out details about the conditions of safe resumption of research at their institution. Please communicate this information, and the status of your thesis work to your Department of Health Sciences co-supervisor regularly.

 Faculty of Science and Health Sciences Research Days

As part of HLTH4910, you are expected to present a poster at the Faculty of Science Research Day and give a presentation at the Health Sciences Research Day. We currently have no information regarding these events (both normally occur in April). When any information about these events and required due dates are available we will let you know. 

If you have any questions please reach out to your thesis supervisor or to Sandra Cloutier.