The Graduate Diploma programs are comprised of 2.0 credits and are designed to be completed in one year. This is a Part-Time Study Program.

Admission Requirements

  • 4-year (honours) bachelor degree or equivalent professional degree
  • minimum B- (70%) average over the last 2 years of study (or last 20 one-term courses)
  • One (1) university-level course in statistics
  • This program is completed through part-time study. International students; Part-time study makes you ineligible to work in Canada and ineligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit.
  •   Studying and working in Canada as an international student –

Note: Students in the Diploma programs are not eligible to receive university funding through the HSTP program. We do not offer courses on weekends or online.

To be eligible for the part-time diploma program, you must meet the following criteria:

Type 2 Graduate Diploma: current Carleton student registered in another graduate program, you may be interested in the opportunity to take relevant health courses that complement your primary degree, and provide an additional credential. Taking the graduate diploma in HSTP (type 2) in addition to your primary degree will supplement your disciplinary expertise with a fundamental understanding of qualitative and quantitative research methods, policy, and knowledge mobilization, particularly as they apply to the health sector.

Type 3 Graduate Diploma: Currently employed, in the health sector, and are not currently registered in another Carleton graduate program, then you may be interested in our Type 3 Graduate Diploma for professional development. This is a part-time program; international students must already meet requirements for study permits.

Required Documents

After you have submitted your online application and your application fee has been processed, you will be instructed on how to upload your required documents in Carleton Central. For complete information regarding required documents, please visit the Graduate Admissions website.

Document/Forms Details
Transcript(s) All post-secondary transcripts are required (undergraduate and graduate, if applicable)
Letters of Reference Two (2) are required and should be submitted by former professors (preferably your project/thesis supervisors), or qualified persons at your place of employment.

An academic referee is a faculty member with whom you have studied and is able to assess your potential for graduate level study and research. References from non-academic supervisors may be accepted in certain cases i.e. professional references or for professional programs.

NOTE:  References from family members, friends, students, former or current classmates, employees, colleagues and/or Teaching Assistants are not accepted.

Contact your referees before you apply online to confirm their availability.

When filling in your online application, you are asked to include email addresses for your referees.  NOTE: Valid institutional or organizational email addresses are required. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. are not accepted and will be verified.

Statement of Intent Your Statement of Intent should be about 1000 words and indicates how you envision the interdisciplinary program in Health Sciences will further your career goals. It will be used to assess the program’s ability to meet those goals.

*This document should be uploaded as a Portfolio on the Experience and Interests tab of the application.

CV/Resumé One (1) is required.
Language Proficiency (ESL Test Scores) Required, if applicable. For Carleton’s ESL requirements and policies, please visit the ESL Requirements website.

Application Deadlines

Students should submit their applications on or before the following dates to be considered for full funding packages.

Please note the application deadline below is specific to the Department of Health Sciences and earlier than the final general graduate admissions deadline set by the University. Applications must be submitted by this date to be considered by the Department of Health Sciences Graduate Admissions Committee for September entry into the HSTP program.    

Graduate Diploma in HSTP (Type 2 & Type 3)

Fall Term (September):

  • April 1: For International and domestic applicants
  • August 1: Final deadline

Winter (January):

  • August 1: For international and domestic applicants
  • December 1: Final deadline

Summer (May):

  • December 1: For international and domestic applicants
  • April 1: Final deadline

How to Apply

The application process to graduate studies at Carleton for all prospective students is the same and must be completed online. For complete information regarding the application process please visit the Graduate Admissions website.

Applications will not be reviewed until all elements (including transcripts and references) have been received.

More Information

For complete and detailed information about the Graduate Diploma programs in Health: Science, Technology and Policy, please consult the official Graduate Calendar.