About Our Programs

Carleton’s MSc and PhD programs in Health Sciences are research-based thesis programs. These programs provide advanced disciplinary learning and hands-on, interdisciplinary research in health sciences in new, state-of-the-art facilities. Students develop a deep appreciation for, and understanding of, the complexities of health problems and solutions through a health research thesis and core courses developed to explore interdisciplinary health topics and health science communication.

These programs are designed to meet a growing need for interdisciplinary health research and skills in knowledge translation and data analysis. The interdisciplinary nature of the program ensures research theses span health disciplines, are informed by expert faculty and external partners across health sectors and fields of research, and that knowledge is communicated to stakeholders across scientific and broader health communities.

Core courses include advanced topics and seminars in interdisciplinary health sciences, and grant proposal writing and ethics (for PhD candidates).

We also offer a collaborative specialization in Data Science for MSc candidates.

Career Options

The disciplinary expertise and interdisciplinary skills gained through the MSc and PhD in Health Sciences open the door for diverse career paths in education and academia (including scientific research), clinical health careers, the public sector (including public health agencies and non-governmental organizations), the private sector (including pharmaceutical and medical research companies), and with non-profit agencies (including health research institutions, charities, health communications and advocacy).