Health Sciences Society is holding elections for the 2023-2024 academic year!

We encourage everyone to run, no matter your year standing or prior experience you have! The election details are outlined below including available positions, qualifications, nominations, etc.

Voting days will be held on April 11 – April 12 2023. 

Carleton Health Sciences Society positions up for election

Executive positions: 

  • President (1 position)
  • VP academics (1 Position)
  • VP events (1 Position)
  • VP internal affairs (1 position)
  • VP finance (1 Position)
  • VP communications (1 position)
  • VP outreach (1 position)

*All Vice President (VP) positions and President position can be held as co-vice presidents between two candidates who will run for the one position as a team. This will require one nomination form and one ballot for the pair.

Director positions:

  • Director of Academics (2)
  • Director of Events (2)
  • Director of Finance (2)
  • Director of Internal Affairs (2)
  • Director of communications (3?)
  • Director of outreach (2)

Year representatives:

  • First year representative (2) (appointed in September/October)
  • Second year representative (2)
  • Third year representative (2)
  • Fourth Year representative (2)

Here is a link to the details and descriptions of the available positions:

Eligibility criteria for Applicants: 

Any undergraduate student in the Health Sciences Program at Carleton University is eligible to apply under the following circumstances; Applicants must be enrolled in classes for all terms of the elected period (Fall 2023, Winter 2024), applicants must give consent to HSS election officer and Carleton Universities senate office to verify their eligibility status (program and year) for positions

Eligibility criteria for voters:

Any undergraduate student in the Health Sciences program at Carleton University currently registered in classes.

Any additional inquiries regarding the electoral process and conduct can be referred to the HSS’s CRO by email at or to We look forward to receiving your applications and are excited for the chance to work with you!