Summer Research Opportunities

Are you interested in trying your hand at research? At Carleton there are opportunities to get involved in research right from your first year. One way is through the Dean’s Summer Research Internships. This year the BHSc students won 20% of the DSRIs available to students in programs across the Faculty of Sciences. Excellent!! As a result we were able to provide paid summer research opportunities to 9 first year students from the BHSc program. The students participated in research projects ranging from biochemistry to social psychology. Below Darien, Chloe and Kaamara share their impressions of what they learned, how it will help them, and how it allowed them to get to know each other and make friends.

BHSc summer students 2015 - group with Sue and Edana

BHSc Summer Students 2015

BHSc Summer Students 2015

BHSc summer students enjoying a pizza break – 2015

Summer Student Profiles