Photo of Kristin Connor

Kristin Connor

Degrees:PhD (Toronto)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 4202

Primary field of Specialization:

Developmental Origins of Health and Disease

Research Interests:

Our translational research is foundational to ensuring healthy human development and chronic disease prevention.

We seek to understand developmental trajectories in early life, and how these trajectories are established and modified to influence an individual’s lifelong health resilience or disease risk.

Our research uses an interdisciplinary and systems approach to understand

  • how suboptimal nutrition and maternal disease states (metabolic and pro-inflammatory) impact development of the placenta, fetus and child
  • how we can use information from the placenta, gut microbes, developing offspring, and other factors in our early environments, to predict future health
  • how we can optimise maternal health and early developmental trajectories to reduce the incidence of suboptimal pregnancy outcomes, poor fetal/infant growth, and chronic diseases and disorders in later life

Our research integrates multiple methodologies including molecular biology, histology, and immunology techniques; microbiome analyses; data sciences. Our group leads and participates in multiple pan-Canadian and international research efforts on maternal, pregnancy, and child health.

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Selected Publications:

Below are some publications that highlight the methods and models we use, and the populations we study

White M, Feucht UD, Duffley E, Molokoane F, Durandt C, Cassol E, Rossouw T, Connor KL. (2020) Does in utero HIV-exposure and the early nutritional environment influence infant development and immune outcomes? Findings from a pilot study in Pretoria, South Africa. Pilot and Feasibility Studies 6:192

White M, Connor KL. (2020) in utero HIV exposure and the early nutritional environment influence neurodevelopment in infants before age three: findings from an evidenced review and meta-analysis. Nutrients 12:3375 doi: 10.3390/nu12113375

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Connor KL, Kibschull M, Matysiak E, Nuygen T, Matthews SG, Lye SJ, Bloise E. (2020) Maternal malnutrition impacts placental morphology and transport. An origin for poor offspring growth. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 78:108329 doi: 10.1016/j.jnutbio.2019.108329

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Connor KL, Vickers MH, Beltrand J, Meaney MJ, Sloboda DM (2012) Nature, nurture or nutrition? Impact of maternal nutrition on maternal care, offspring development and reproductive function. The Journal of Physiology 590:2167-2180