Photo of Patrick Saunders-Hastings

Patrick Saunders-Hastings

Contract Instructor

Degrees:PhD (University of Ottawa)

I am an epidemiologist and risk scientist with expertise in global health, infectious disease epidemiology and emergency preparedness. I have a B.Sc. in Biology from Queen’s University, a M.Sc. in Global Health from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School and a Ph.D. in Population Health from the University of Ottawa. My thesis research assessed the preparedness of the Canadian hospital system to accommodate surge in patient demand associated with future influenza pandemics, and involved the development and application of a mathematical model to chart flu transmission in Canada.

My primary research interests include pandemic influenza preparedness and climate change adaptation. I also work as a public health management consultant, and have a broad range of experience in various topics related to risk assessment and management, public health, and health policy. My current projects include the implementation and use of digital health record systems and the assessment of drug safety and effectiveness.

Selected Publications:
Saunders-Hastings, P., Quinn Hayes, B., Smith, R., & Krewski, D. (2017). National assessment  of Canadian pandemic preparedness: employing InFluNet to identify high-risk areas for  inter-wave vaccine distribution. Infectious Disease Modelling, in press.

Saunders-Hastings, P., Quinn Hayes, B., Smith, R., & Krewski, D. (2017). Modelling  community-control strategies to protect hospital resources during an influenza pandemic  in Ottawa, Canada. PLOS ONE, 12(6), e0179315. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0179315

Saunders-Hastings, P., Crispo, J., Sikora, L., & Krewski, D. (2017). Assessing the effectiveness  of personal protective measures in reducing pandemic influenza transmission: a  systematic review. Epidemics, in press.

Saunders-Hastings, P., Reisman, J., & Krewski, D. (2016). Assessing the state of knowledge  regarding the effectiveness of interventions to contain pandemic influenza  transmission: a systematic review and narrative synthesis. PLOS ONE,  11(12), e0168262. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0168262

Saunders-Hastings, P. & Krewski, D. (2016). Reviewing the history of pandemic influenza:  Understanding patterns of emergence and transmission. Pathogens, 5(4), 66. doi:10.3390/pathogens5040066