Photo of Renate Ysseldyk

Renate Ysseldyk

Associate Professor Interim Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Degrees:PhD (Carleton)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 4428

Primary Fields of Specialization:

Social and Health Psychology, Aging

Research Interests:

In broad terms, my research takes an interdisciplinary, mixed-method, and community-based approach to contribute toward understanding and promoting individuals’ mental health, and healthy societies more broadly, by focusing on three interconnected themes: 1) healthy aging, 2) (non)religious, ethnic, and gender-based social identities, and 3) coping with stress. My ongoing research program is thus grounded in a social identity theoretical framework for studying health among potentially vulnerable populations (e.g., older adults living with dementia, caregivers, individuals who have experienced stigma, discrimination, trauma, or illness) in order to transform understandings of psychosocial care and improve mental health outcomes.

Select publications:

Ysseldyk, R., *Karamally, T., Kelly, A., Morton, T., & Haslam, A. (2021). They’re (not) playing our song: (Ir)religious identity moderates the effects of religious music on memory, self-esteem, and mood. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 51(8), 838-849.

*Chen, E., *Wood, D. & Ysseldyk, R. (2021). Online social networking and mental health among older adults: A scoping review. Canadian Journal on Aging. doi:

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*Carroll, L., *Chippior, J. *Karmali, S., *Sriram, D., & Ysseldyk, R. (2018). We are caregivers: Social identity is associated with less perceived stress among rural informal caregivers. Canadian Journal on Aging. (Note: selected as the Canadian Journal on Aging “Article of the Month”)

Ysseldyk, R., McQuaid, R., McInnis, O., Anisman, H., & Matheson, K. (2018). The ties that bind: Ingroup ties are linked with diminished inflammatory immune responses and mental health symptoms through less rumination. PlosOne.

Ysseldyk, R. (2017). Communicating religious identities. In H. Giles & J. Harwood (Eds.), Oxford Encyclopedia of Intergroup Communication. doi: 10.1093/acrefore/9780190228613.013.479

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