Photo of Utkarsh Dang

Utkarsh Dang

Assistant Professor

Degrees:BSc, MSc, PhD (Guelph)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 3345

Primary field of Specialization:

Biostatistics and bioinformatics

Research Interests:

My research focuses on computational statistics, biostatics, and bioinformatics, specifically on mixture model-based clustering, health outcomes, and statistical phylogenetics, respectively.  My work in clustering involves developing novel mixture models with applications in model-based clustering and classification while my work in phylogenetics involves developing novel algorithms with applications in bioinformatics.  My work in health outcomes is on biomarkers and clinical outcomes for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and Becker muscular dystrophy.

Select Publications:

Mah, J, et al. (2022). Efficacy and safety of vamorolone in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: A 30-month non-randomized open-label extension study. JAMA Network Open. 5(1):e2144178

Roy R, Soldin, S. J., Stolze, B., Barbieri, M., Tawalbeh, S. M., Rouhana, N., Fronczek, A. E., Nagaraju, K, van den Anker, J, Dang, U. J., Hoffman, E. P. (2022). Acute serum protein and cytokine response of single dose of prednisone in adult volunteers. Steroids. 178 (108953)

Novak, J S; Spathis, R; Dang, U. J.; Fiorillo, A A; Hindupur, R; Tully, C B; Mázala, D A G; Canessa, E; Brown, K J; Partridge, T A; Hathout, Y; Nagaraju, K. (2021) Interrogation of dystrophin and dystroglycan complex protein turnover after exon skipping therapy. Journal of Neuromuscular Diseases. 8(S2) S383-S402.

Dang, U.J., Clemens, P.R., Hathout, Y, Conklin, L, and Hoffman, E.P. (2020) ‘Serum biomarkers associated with baseline clinical severity in young steroid-naive Duchenne muscular dystrophy boys’. Human Molecular Genetics 29 (15), 2481-2495.

Furman, B. L., Dang, U.J., Evans, B. J., & Golding, G.B. (2018). ‘Divergent subgenome evolution after allopolyploidization in African clawed frogs (Xenopus)’.  Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 31(12), 1945–1958.

Dang, U. J., Punzo, A., McNicholas, P. D., Ingrassia, S., and Browne, R. P. (2017) `Multivariate response and parsimony for Gaussian cluster-weighted models’.  Journal of Classification. 34 (4), 4–34.

Dang, U. J., Alison M Devault, Tatum D Mortimer, Caitlin S Pepperell, Hendrik N Poinar, G Brian Golding and Golding, G. B. (2016), `Estimation of gene insertion/deletion rates with missing data’. Genetics 204 (2), 513529.

Dang, U. J., and Golding, G. B. (2016), `markophylo: Markov chain analysis on phylogenetic trees’. Bioinformatics 32 (1), 130–132.

Dang, U. J., Browne, R. P., and McNicholas, P. D. (2015), `Mixtures of multivariate power exponential distributions’. Biometrics 71, 1081–1089.