The Heritage Forum is an annual one-day symposium, sponsored by the NSERC CREATE Heritage Engineering Program. It brings together the program participants – research professors, industry collaborators, and students – to discuss gaps and issues in the practice of heritage conservation. The Heritage Forum assists students in selecting their research topics and developing their theses.

Students and collaborators from NSERC CREATE Heritage Engineering also participated in CIPA2017, an international conference on heritage documentation at Carleton University from August 27 – September 1, 2017. More information on CIPA2017 is available here.

NSERC CREATE also hosts several workshops each year to give students, collaborators and professors the opportunity to explore and discuss recent developments in heritage and sustainability. Workshops are held at the Carleton Immersive Media Studio (CIMS), Carleton University.

The Montreal Round Table was an annual event that brought together Canadian and international experts with experience in heritage conservation, sustainable development and related disciplines who work in public, private, academic and non-governmental organisations. Organized by Christina Cameron, Canada Research Chair on Built Heritage at Université de Montréal and one of our NSERC CREATE program co-applicants, it involves students and faculty from the NSERC CREATE program. More information on past Montreal Round Tables is available here.