Applicants who meet the following criteria will be considered for admission:

Applicant has an overall average of B+ or higher (GPA of 9.0 on a 12-point scale).

Applicant has been accepted into one of the relevant programs at Carleton University: a Ph.D. in Architecture or a Ph.D. in Civil or Environmental Engineering.

An NSERC CREATE Heritage Engineering research professor has agreed to act as the applicant’s supervisor in one of the relevant programs at Carleton University.

Applicant has a general idea of the subject area for her/his research, and: (1) it fits with the supervisor and the degree program; (2) it is within at least one of the three research tracks of NSERC CREATE Heritage Engineering; and (3) it addresses gaps and issues in heritage conservation or built environment sustainability.

Applicant has provided evidence of a general awareness of and interest in heritage conservation and the motivation to learn more about the practice of heritage conservation.

Applicant has provided evidence of a good work ethic and strong skills in research, writing, leadership and presentation.

The required components of an application to the Ph.D. program are listed here.

The online application form is here.