Applicants who meet the following criteria will be considered for admission:

Applicant has successfully completed an undergraduate-level degree in one of the relevant disciplines or a closely related discipline: (for example civil, environmental, mechanical or aerospace engineering; architecture; Indigenous & Canadian studies, history or heritage conservation; or information technology).

Applicant has an overall average of B+ or higher in that degree (GPA of 9.0 on a 12-point scale).

Applicant has been accepted into one of the relevant Masters-level degree programs at Carleton University (civil engineering, environmental engineering, conservation/built environment sustainability engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, architecture, Indigenous & Canadian Studies (Heritage Conservation) or information technology); Université de Montréal or Université du Québec à Montréal (architecture or heritage conservation).

An NSERC CREATE research professor has agreed to act as the applicant’s academic supervisor in one of the relevant programs.

Applicant has a general idea of the subject area for her/his research, and: (1) it fits with the supervisor and the Masters-level degree program; (2) it is within the three research tracks of NSERC CREATE Heritage Engineering; and (3) it addresses gaps and issues in heritage conservation/built environment sustainability.

Applicant has provided evidence of an awareness of and interest in heritage conservation/built environment sustainability and the motivation to learn more about the practice.

Applicant has provided evidence of a good work ethic and strong skills in: research, writing, leadership and presentation.

The required components of an application are listed here.

The online application form is here.